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What is the most time-consuming part of our event design world?

99% will answer – initial design/styling consultation and ordering flowers & supplies. Now imagine if you don’t have to do that. What if a client comes to you with a detailed design plan, a proper budget, and pictures to illustrate each arrangement? What if this design project will have all ingredients like varieties of flowers and their quantities, supply sources already specified per each arrangement, and other valuable information?

All you have to do is see if you are available for the requested event date, sign the contract and place the orders. Wouldn’t this make your life easier?

Well, this is what you are going to get if you join our elite group of event design professionals. You will get a happy client who is willing to book the date with you, knowing that she will get the proper attention and care.

However, we have an elite group of vendors, and not everyone will be accepted. Our standards are very high, and therefore our pre-qualifying process consists of multiple steps and is based on certain criteria.

First, you have to be in an event design business for a minimum of 3 years and have an experience in wedding and event production. We would conduct a site visit to evaluate your facility for logistics, cleanliness, and accessibility. You will need three references from your local suppliers and venues. You have to have an experience in customer service, be a pleasant and accommodative individual or a company employee.

Secondly, when we provide our clients with an Appraisal, we are very particular about the designs, flower and supply orders. Because we are very transparent with design details there is no room for errors. Of course, you have all the flexibility to replace any items in the design plan as long as your client is aware and agrees to these changes.

Third, we developed professional software with an extensive database for your use. On our platform, you can run your entire operation including handling client base, ordering, event scheduling and more. This software is only available to our partners.

We are not trying to run your business, but rather want to assure that you will have a satisfied client and get repeated business.

Fill out the Vendor Registration form and see if you qualify. We promise you will not regret.

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