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To Be Different, or Not to Be?

February 16, 2018 2:57 pm

Ever since Hamlet, this question always pops in our thoughts when it comes to the wedding day. What don’t I agree is when my clients ask – “What do other people do”?

It does not make any difference what others do. Other people have different taste, style, and preferences. When you are dining in the restaurant – do you ask what other people eat? You might ask what dish is the chef’s favorite one or what is the special of the day. I know, you could say, “what others do” and “what is popular” is somewhat the same, but it’s not. Its like fashion – what’s trendy might not necessarily be for you. Right?

Start imaging your dream wedding. How do you see yourself? Being in the ballroom at the black-tie affair or in a casual winery in the relaxed atmosphere or on the beach under the stars? Once you cross that bridge, have fun! Think of things you would like to do on your big day and don’t worry what other people say.

In the end of the day – it’s your moment. Go for it!

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