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February 16, 2018 12:58 am

Know your cost

Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are all great inspirational tools but because they lack detailed pricing you are still in the dark. Sure you can find suggested average prices from different sources, but it does not really help you to understand how much you would need to spend on your own, very personal taste and style set for YOUR WEDDING.

You will probably have to shop around in order to find a reliable decorator, florist or stylist who listens to your needs and gives you a fair estimate that hopefully fits in your budget. But what happens if the estimate you get after a long and time-consuming consultation does not fit your budget? You have to reach out to another vendor and quite likely experience the same problem. At this point you have to either scale down or compromise on your ideas and start all over. You just wasted your time, gas money, and got aggravated…

All of the above happens for the reason that you are going to these meetings unprepared, don’t know the cost of flowers and have to rely on what the vendors tell you. Wouldn’t you rather know your options up front? Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable to have your décor choices appraised and evaluated prior to visiting the vendor you want to hire?


Get an objective appraisal from an independent appraisal firm who is not interested in profiting from your wedding. For a nominal cost, we enable you to evaluate all your options in the comfort of your home with your family around you and discuss the budget needs.

Our brand new comprehensive and superior platform allows you to get prepared and be in control of your budget.

  • If your appraisal is over your budget, we give you suggestions how to fit into the budget
  • If your appraisal is under your budget, we give you ideas how to enhance your décor

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