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Preparing Wedding Décor Recipe

February 16, 2018 2:50 pm

Don’t worry; I’m not going to talk about a food recipe, even though this looks delicious!


I want to talk to you about all the logistics, recipes and ingredients when it comes to the wedding décor and why do you need to know that.


Think about a restaurant chef and the way he prepares food for hundreds of customers. First, he needs to determine what dish the patrons will like to get served. Second, he makes a list of all the ingredients in the recipe and purchases them. Third, he preps all the components for the final stage of cooking.


Let me share what goes on behind the scenes at the busy wedding design studio. Like the chef in a restaurant, the designer has to repeat the same steps. First, the designer determines what arrangements the client likes, what flowers and supplies will be needed to create them, then purchases and prepares everything for the final stage of producing. It all takes time. A lot of time!


Who will pay for all this time? Unfortunately, dear couples it’s you. So how we can streamline some of those logistics and save money?

Wedding Appraisal came up with a solution. For a fracture of cost, we will take the first two steps out of the equation. Through the Premium VIP Appraisal, we will pinpoint to the details what décor style you like and by using a Detailed step-by-step Design Content determine complete recipe of each arrangement including prices, flowers, and supplies, and a diagram of tabletop settings.


This option will help the designer of your choice to tweak the flowers if needed, purchase all the ingredients and seamlessly perform the production. It will save the designer time and most importantly save money for you, that can be spent on your honeymoon or enhancing any other services for your big day.

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