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February 16, 2018 2:44 pm

Don’t worry. You are not alone!

Many couples are facing the same problem when it comes to wedding decor spending. Why does it happen? Let’s analyze. When you are choosing décor for your wedding or event, you are missing one main component – price! Sure, you are looking and collecting inspiration images, but how would you know their cost? Asking your friends what they spent on their wedding flowers does not help. They might have used different flowers and style altogether. So you are in the dark, and the only way to find out is to find a reputable florist, designer or a stylist that you trust and ask for pricing. Most likely you will not get an estimate over the phone. Like any business, when it comes to sales, they want to meet with you face to face. But even if you are lucky and find a florist quickly, it is still a long process to get where you want or need to be financially. Solution?

You can start by doing your homework online and educate yourself on the types of flowers, seasonal availability and see if you can find out pricing. You can find some advice on the Internet, like “don’t use orchids if you are a price couscous bride” or “stay with seasonal flowers”. Internet provides most of this info, except that you are not only buying just flowers, but looking into a full-scale design process. Prices are hard to come by online.

Luckily there are few tricks that would help you stay within the budget. You have to find the vendor you can trust and who knows how to tweak the design to get to the desired price point.

For example, if the bride likes phalaenopsis orchids, but cannot afford to use the entire sprig in the centerpieces, it can be broken into pieces, rewired and price cut can be achieved. Knowing the endless variety of flowers and how to subsidize them without jeopardizing the look of the arrangements is quite challenging. Quality and cost of the supplies is another significant factor. Some vases would cost as low as half of the same style and size vase.

We are not expecting you to know any of that. You have to trust somebody to take your vision, convert your ideas into reality and yet control the cost.

We wish you best of luck, and remember we are always here for you if you need help!

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