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New Concept

February 16, 2018 2:38 pm

Let’s talk about Wedding Appraisal and why this new concept works.

For many years clients who came to our studio were both – prepared and unprepared. Clients, who knew what they wanted, had their Pinterest boards ready and were prepared to discuss all their décor options and others who just knew the color scheme and style they had in mind. But what they both had in common was the fact that they did not have any idea what their dream wedding décor would cost.

Ninety percent of people either do not want to reveal their budget or do not know it. One way or another the common phrase we heard was always – “I don’t know how much the flowers cost.” And they were right! How could they?

How can you know what flowers are in season and at what price, how much the rentals can be, whether there is a setup fee involved and other details about the wedding décor?

I think that most florists and stylists would agree that an initial consultation could take at least an hour or two while trying to figure all the details. After that an estimate needs to be written, revisions need to be made, contract has to be signed, etc. This could take days, if not weeks. And what if the budget does not work at all? Start all over again?

We came out with a new concept that is very straightforward – you are in control! You have to be ready and know everything about your wedding décor options prior to going around to select your designer, florist or stylist.

The concept is

  • To get an appraisal of your thoughts and décor ideas from an independent source, which is not benefiting from producing the actual event.
  • To provide you knowledge of all variables, get you prepared for the meeting, so you don’t have to rely on anybody and know all your options up front.

I think, after servicing thousands of brides and their families, it would be safe to say that the services we provide help them have a seamless transition from inspiration to the reality, save money and have a piece of mind.

“Don’t Get Lost, Know Your Cost.”


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