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Where do I start?

Compelling quote, don’t you think? When it comes to wedding, we all know our goal. We want to have a ...
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Think Big Dream Big

Excellent motto, but how can we implement this into the most important day of our life? When it comes to ...
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Preparing Wedding Décor Recipe

Don’t worry; I’m not going to talk about a food recipe, even though this looks delicious! I want to talk ...
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Don’t forget your best friend

The question that is asked hundreds of times “Can I bring my dog, a cat or any other pet to ...
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Don’t worry. You are not alone! Many couples are facing the same problem when it comes to wedding decor spending ...
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New Concept

Let's talk about Wedding Appraisal and why this new concept works. For many years clients who came to our studio ...
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Integrity, is hard to come by

Integrity is a very delicate subject and therefore always hard to talk about it. Despite the fact that most of ...
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Priority in Wedding Planning

Know your cost Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are all great inspirational tools but because they lack detailed pricing you are ...
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